children’s orthodontic benefit available now!

In our recent settlement with Yale, we negotiated an additional feature to our dental benefits: orthodontic coverage for children under 19 years old. This new rider provides payment of 50% of charges for orthodontic care, up to a lifetime maximum benefit of $1000 per employee.

Does your child need braces? Make sure you tell your dentist’s office that your Delta Dental policy now includes this benefit, and see your family’s bill reduced by up to $1000!

“When I heard about the new orthodontic coverage at the ratification meeting, I was excited. At the time, my daughter was in treatment and scheduled to get braces later in the spring. I talked to my dentist’s office about the benefit, and they confirmed my coverage with Delta. That reduced my payment plan by $1000. With all the bills my family has to pay, every bit helps!”

Frank Ruggiero, Materials Assistant III, Facilities Operation

Leader spotlight: yvonne evans, on her loa

My name is Yvonne Evans, I’m a Medical Assistant and I’ve been working in the Department of Neurology in the Yale Physicians Building (YPB) for 10 years.


Now, I’m out on a 6-month Leave of Absence from my department. I’m spending my days organizing my co-workers to fight their own fights. It’s important to me that I’m empowering my members to take issue with conflicts that arise in their department and speak up. Our contract is only as strong as we are to enforce it.

I’m out on leave because I realized that there was more work to be done in my department than I could do on my lunch breaks or volunteering my own time. So far I’ve been working in the Medical School and at Yale West Campus. I know that when I get back to my department the changes I’ve made while I’ve been out have made YPB a better place to work.

Summer Training / Long Service / Smilow Visits 33 Wall Street

2017 Summer Training Kickoff Event

C&T Kickoff Poster

It’s back! Our very successful program, now bolstered by a $75,000 budget that we negotiated in our contract, will run from June 6 to August 2. Course registration will open on May 15, through the Training Management System (TMS).

Come join us and your colleagues on May 24 from 9-11am as we kick off the program for 2017. The event will take place at the TAC building at 300 Cedar Street in the Medical School. Refreshments start at 8am. If you’d like to attend, please RSVP here.

Our contract guarantees C&Ts up to 30 hours of paid training time each year. You may use this time for any course offered, whether or not it relates to your current position.

How do I record this in MyTime?

  • On your timecard, click on the +→ button next to “Hours Worked”
  • Select “Training Release Time” from the drop down menu
  • Enter the hours that you were attending training
  • You will be paid as usual for that time
  • Even if you are in a seasonal position and not currently working, you can enroll in courses and report your time

Long Service Awards

Local 34 Yale Press Committee Member Lisa Scecina was honored for over 25 years of service.

On May 3, our colleagues with over 25 years at Yale gathered for the annual Long Service Awards. Many of our sisters and brothers in Local 34 and Local 35 were there to be honored for their service to the university.

Our friends in Local 33 were set up outside the event to congratulate the honorees and hand out potted marigolds to show solidarity with those fasting only a couple hundred feet away.

Smilow Cancer Center Organizing Committee Visits
33 Wall Street

On May 4, the Organizing Committee from the Smilow Cancer Center stopped by 33 Wall Street to check in on the Local 33 fasters. As you can see, they brought the love with them!

Local 33 sends along a heartfelt thank you to all of those who have come by to say hello, and they invite everyone to come down to Beinecke Plaza and visit.

Contract Education and Local 33 Update

Contract Education Meetings

Thousands of Local 34 members have participated in
conversations about our new contract!

Across campus we have been having informal contract education caucuses. These meetings, usually during a lunch hour, are a great way to get to know our contract.

Come get your contract summary booklet!
  • Would you like to know about our job security language?
  • Would you like to calculate your raises for the next five years?
  • Do you have any questions about health care benefits?
  • Would you like to know how to make sure we keep winning great contracts for years to come?

If you’d like to attend a caucus, please reach out to the Local 34 committee person in your department, or call the union office at (203) 624-5161.

Local 33 Update

News of the Local 33 victories continues to reverberate!

Thousands of people have liked and shared the news on Facebook, and articles have been published in dozens of outlets across the country. Here are just a few highlights:

Washington Post - Yale graduate students vote to form a union

Yale graduate students vote to form a union
Washington Post (February 24, 2017)

Graduate Students Push for Unions at More Private Colleges
Wall Street Journal (February 24, 2017)

Graduate Students Vote To Unionize At Yale University
Associated Press (February 24, 2017)

Yale Graduate Student Teachers Vote In Favor Of Union
Law360 (February 24, 2017)

Graduate Students in 6 Departments at Yale Vote to Unionize
Chronicle of Higher Education (February 24, 2017)

Yale Grad Students Unionize
Insider Higher Ed (February 24, 2017)

Meanwhile, Local 33 Chair Aaron Greenberg from Political Science wrote a piece in the Yale Daily News about the next steps for Local 33. Take a minute to read and share it on Facebook!

Let’s keep winning!

A Brief History of Local 34’s Seven Contracts

Over the last 13 years we’ve worked out a very successful partnership with Yale that has relied on a mutual understanding that if we work together, we can resolve our issues peacefully to the benefit of both us and the University.

Since 2003, Yale has grown significantly while we’ve been able to secure excellent contracts. For the 10 years following 2003 we grew as Yale grew, creating many of the good jobs that we all rely on.

As we engage with Yale once again to negotiate our 2017 contract, we can see that things have changed. The University is aggressively trying to change how our work in the clinical areas is performed, while across campus we are being asked to do more with less. For the first time in our history as a union, we are seeing the number of C&Ts at Yale decline.

It’s the first priority in our contract negotiations to reverse this trend, and across campus we are working hard to make sure we secure language that will protect all of our jobs.


Health care drives most of the cost of our benefits. Yet, many of us pay no premium and get our care at Yale Health. Across the country heath care costs are skyrocketing. Yale has signaled for years now that as these costs rise, they would like to pass these increases along to us. It is our contract that has held these costs at bay, and we are making sure that we fight as hard as we can to keep our standard intact.

We haven’t begun these negotiations yet, but our health care team has been working to make sure that we are ahead of the game when we do.

The team has been working incredibly hard to keep health care costs low, while maintaining our excellent options. We submitted a thorough information request last November to assess all aspects of our medical plans and health programs. This month the University fulfilled the last piece of the request with a detailed study on the prices both Aetna and Yale Health pay for services at Yale-New Haven Hospital and the Yale Medical Group.

We’ll analyze this data and make sure that Yale is able to get the best costs possible for our members, keeping our health care options intact.


The Local 34 Organizing Committee in the Medical School
The heart of our union is our Organizing Committee, hundreds of Local 34 members who volunteer their time to make sure our union is successful.

The committee gathered on August 10 to discuss our upcoming contract and how to secure our great union standard once again.

We discussed how far we’ve come since the beginning of this year and what we’ll need to do to win another great contract. We’ve been pushing the University inch by inch, at our 5/5 rally and in numerous meetings with management in departments across campus. Each united action we take builds our strength and moves us forward.

Yale University Hires Non-Union C&Ts!

While the University is using Hospital cuts in funding to justify layoffs across the Medical School, it is hiring non-union C&Ts in Branford, Guilford, and Stamford. Yale University has created a for-profit subsidiary called Medical Practice Management (MPM) that is headquartered across the hall from Patient Financial Services in 300 George Street. MPM recently held a job fair looking to fill entry-level C&T positions in Stamford, including: LPNs, Call Center Receptionists, Lead Call Center Receptionists, and Clinical Secretaries.  

But they are not just recruiting in Stamford. MPM already employs C&T workers who staff Branford Dermatology and Yale Eye Center, Guilford. MPM is owned by Yale University and our contract clearly states that Local 34 represents all C&T workers employed by Yale in the Greater New Haven region. We have years of history representing workers in Branford and Guilford. So while our members are experiencing unprecedented attacks on our job security, the University is violating our contract by hiring non-union C&Ts in Greater New Haven.


“I was alarmed to learn that while we are fighting layoffs in Dermatology, our department is expanding its C&T staff in Branford with non-union workers. The University must stop threatening our jobs and stop violating our contract by making these workers members of Local 34.”
Rebecca Corbett
Senior Administrative Assistant
Department of Dermatology

The business details of Medical Practice Management that Yale University filed with the State of Connecticut show that this LLC is a for-profit subsidiary of Yale University.

Bargaining Update

Dear Fellow Local 34 Members,

In keeping with the vote at our December Membership Meeting, job security has been our first priority in bargaining. We submitted full job protection language to Yale in April, but did not receive a counterproposal from the University. During the month of May, Yale saw how serious both locals are about this issue and about the 986 clinical jobs in particular:

After a slow start, Yale began responding with written commitments in June. The University has now submitted three increasingly promising drafts to protect our clinical jobs.

However, we have a number of challenging issues ahead. Local 34’s Executive Board has authorized the Officers of the union to evaluate when there is a document that will adequately protect our work.

Stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks as details develop. In the meantime, ask your committee person about our next action on August 26th and look for the results from our Contract Survey.  

In Solidarity,
Laurie Kennington, Local 34 President
Ken Suzuki, Local 34 Secretary-Treasurer

Local 35 and Local 34 Stand Together to Protect Our Jobs

As we continue fighting for real job security language in our next contract, we are deeply appreciative of the solidarity of our brothers and sisters in Local 35. Together, our two unions are making it our first priority to ensure that we protect our jobs from outsourcing and subcontracting, and that our good union jobs grow as the University grows. We are proud to stand united in protecting our future.