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Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

From everyone at the Local 34 staff, we want to wish you a Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

Thank you for all of your hard work. Stay safe out there and keep being awesome! 


As we enter September, we conclude our retirement incentive program. Nearly 100 C&Ts have opted to take advantage of the incentive. Together they represent over 3,200 years of service to the university. Many of them helped found our union and fought hard for the standard that we all enjoy today.

So far, Yale has paid out well over 3 million dollars to our sisters and brothers through the retirement incentive program. Take a moment to thank them for all of their hard work!


We know that Yale Medicine has been growing rapidly over the last several years. The department is now the primary provider of care for many in our region. With all of this growth, the department has begun restructuring in several areas.

In a recent reorganization in the Department of Revenue Integrity and Analytics, part of the billing operation of Yale Medicine, the department identified several positions where M&Ps would transition into doing C&T work. This is a great example of working together to make sure that our contract is respected.

These employees, who had from two to 22 years of service as M&Ps, decided to make the switch to C&Ts in Local 34. We are so happy that we’ve begun a process with the University to protect our work.

Karn McKane, Cheryl Brainerd, Lisa Piscitelli, Christine Hoyt, Kim Cowdrey, Nadine Jones, Ewa Dawidowski, Sandra Sapp, and Local 34 Executive Board member Elia Vollano

“The job security offered by the Local 34 contract made this decision easy. With benefits I’ll receive now that I’m in the union, I’m going to save hundreds of dollars a month on health care costs, I’ll get better raises, and with our pension, my retirement is looking better than I had ever expected when I was in management.” – Nadine Jones, Account Assistant 4

Register for the 2017 C&T Training and Development Program now!

Click here to register for C&T Training and Development

C&T Training and Development

Over the last seven years, Local 34 has worked with the University to develop a training curriculum for C&Ts, focusing on skills we need to advance or move within the University.

Our contract guarantees C&Ts up to 30 hours of paid training time each year. Please be sure to work with your supervisor to help plan for coverage when you sign up for classes.

To accommodate the Workday Financial implementation, the C&T Training and Development Program is designed differently this summer. Going forward, additional programs will be offered throughout the year to reinforce skill development. Stay tuned!

Click here to take advantage of this benefit and sign up!

How do I record this in MyTime?

  • On your timecard, click on the +→ button next to “Hours Worked”
  • Select “Training Release Time” from the drop down menu
  • Enter the hours that you were attending training
  • You will be paid as usual for that time
  • Even if you are in a seasonal position and not currently working, you can enroll in courses and report your time

Updates from the Fast Against Slow

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Tuesday marked three weeks of Local 33’s Fast Against Slow. That’s three weeks of Yale continuing to be on the wrong side of history. We’re sending along an update from our friends in Local 33—please take a few minutes to read the amazing press coverage of their campaign!

Join us today, at 333 Cedar Street for a noontime picket. Let’s show Yale that we won’t stand for their union-busting ways!

In solidarity,

Laurie Kennington, President & Ken Suzuki, Secretary–Treasurer

Dear friends,

We’d like to take a moment to catch you up on some highlights from week three of the fast.

We marked two weeks with a powerful action asking Yale: How much longer?

We know that Yale likes to do things on their own timeline. Together with our allies, we took to Cross Campus to make our own time—in the form of a giant, moving human clock . . .  

We made national headlines including this excellent piece by Professor Jennifer Klein in the New York Times!

And The Washington Post published our member Julia Powers’ op-ed exposing Yale’s culture of sexual harassment.

Faster who took arrest in Washington Post

Undergraduates delivered more than 1,000 petition signatures in support of us to the President’s Office . . .

Senator Elizabeth Warren pledged her support . . .

As did Congressman and Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee Keith Ellison (D-MN) who called on Yale to negotiate . . .

We’ve made an indelible mark on Yale University . . .

And on Tuesday, temporarily, on Beineke Plaza . . .

Click to watch coverage of Tuesday night’s action on Channel 8.

Thanks for all of your support, we’ll see you soon!

Aaron Greenberg
Political Science
Robin Canavan
Geology & Geophysics
Camille Cole